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Definition of south:

  1. Being in the south.
  2. Lying towards the south.
  3. The direction in which the sun always appears at noon in the northern hemisphere north of the tropic; one of the four cardinal points; the direction opposite to the north.
  4. Towards the south.


bearing, down south, breadbasket, east, airspace, sulphur, equatorial region, E., southwesterly, southernmost, country, district, cotton belt, Bible belt, gale-force, due south, Confederate States of America, conspiracy, randomness, southern section, cardinal point, confederation, gusty, mho, force, southwest, the Beaufort scale, the borderland, belt, area, to the south, reciprocal ohm, southwestern, southmost, gentle, cutting, United States, the Old South, Southern United States, southern region, corridor, county, southwestward, easternmost, southbound, south-central, in the south, confederacy, territory south of the Mason-Dixon line, tropical region, the Deep South, southeastern, southeastward, southland, the New South, Dixieland, sulfur, south pole, entropy, eastward, southern, sec, Co., Sunbelt, siemens, southern hemisphere, southeasterly, South Atlantic States, southeast, compass, federation, easterly, south arctic region, tropics, Pre-Civil War South, southerly, southward, biting, S, atomic number 16, following, tobacco states, second, Dixie.

Usage examples: