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Definition of inaugurate:

  1. Invested with office; inaugurated.
  2. To begin with good omens.
  3. To cause to begin, esp. with formality or solemn ceremony; hence, to set in motion, action, or progress; to initiate; - used especially of something of dignity or worth or public concern; as, to inaugurate a new era of things, new methods, etc.
  4. To celebrate the completion of, or the first public use of; to dedicate, as a statue.
  5. To introduce or induct into an office with suitable ceremonies or solemnities; to invest with power or authority in a formal manner; to install; as, to inaugurate a president; to inaugurate a king.


premise, launch, insert, bring out, accept, acquaint, present, approach, lead off, put in, invest, set about, kick off, stick in, install, inclose, introduce, usher in, take up, open, bring in, preface, enclose, study at begin, get off, set to, innovate, enter, take on, set out, precede, instate, infix.

Usage examples: