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Definition of lurch:

  1. A double score in cribbage for the winner when his adversary has been left in the lurch.
  2. A sudden roll of a ship to one side, as in heavy weather; hence, a swaying or staggering movement to one side, as that by a drunken man. Fig.: A sudden and capricious inclination of the mind.
  3. An old game played with dice and counters; a variety of the game of tables.
  4. To dodge; to shift; to play tricks.
  5. To leave in the lurch; to cheat.
  6. To roll or sway suddenly to one side, as a ship or a drunken man.
  7. To steal; to rob.
  8. To swallow or eat greedily; to devour; hence, to swallow up.
  9. To withdraw to one side, or to a private place; to lurk.


reposition, budge, trip, stir, dislodge, spin, deliver, whirl, flounder, totter, shift, pitching, push, flip, toss, sales pitch, huckster, slant, yaw, tar, droop, spin around, stagger, weave, seesaw, teeter, distribute, slope, cant over, tilt, pitch shot, agitate, hawk, sky, wobble, straight thrust, falter, incline, wrench, skunk, cant, keel, straight, careen, stumble, lunge, sway, weave, gear, auction pitch, reel, jerk, set up, rake, twitch, swag, pitch, flag, delivery, trip-up, peddle, yank, change, sag, sales talk, snap, roll, change over, gyrate, switch, passado, monger, move, transfer, misstep, tug, vend, prowl.

Usage examples: