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Definition of spat:

  1. A kind of short cloth or leather gaiter worn over the upper part of the shoe and fastened beneath the instep; - chiefly in pl.
  2. A legging; a gaiter.
  3. To dispute.


confrontation, contention, flap, word, sole, whack, conflict, kickup, cleat, dispute, buffet, spats, insole, set-to, bootlaces, trouble, donnybrook, altercation, fight, rhubarb, a war of words, wrangle, clap, shoelace, punch, gaiter, box, pother, tizzy, bicker, disagreement, contretemps, battle royal, brawl, study at quarrel, flurry, stir, misunderstanding, tiff, dispute, fuss, quarrel, hail, slap, argument, controversy, polemic, bother, squabble, row, tangle, argy-bargy, hustle, chop, strike, swat, smack, clash, ado, smacker, applaud, heel, scrap, bickering, instep, acclaim, falling-out, attack, clip, run-in, debate, spank, cross fire, quarrel, cuff, bust, pettifoggery, herald, argle-bargle, bustle, dither, difficulty, lace, hassle, shoestring, imbroglio.

Usage examples: