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Definition of swash:

  1. The blustering noise made by a liquid flowing with violence; a swagger; in mech., a figure whose circumference is not round but oval.
  2. To bluster; to make a clatter or great noise.


fluff, bluster, brag, ball up, louse up, cock, tittup, bungle, fellate, bumble, flub, bully, pitter-patter, ruffle, bobble, spill, vaunt, squander, blow out, strut, shoot a line, patter, botch, splash, blow, pleach, bollocks, mishandle, gas, go down on, sport, bollix up, bodge, float, feature, muff, suck, squelch, prance, slush, spatter, screw up, boast, mess up, spit, bespatter, dash, drift, lap, swagger, fumble, plash, shove along, waste, tout, sashay, spoil, slosh, foul up, botch up, sprinkle, gasconade, be adrift, burn out, bollocks up, squish, muck up, splatter, shove off, splosh, slop, bollix, browbeat.

Usage examples: