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Definition of carrier:

  1. One who is employed, or makes it his business, to carry goods for others for hire; a porter; a teamster.
  2. One who, or that which, carries or conveys; a messenger.
  3. That which drives or carries; as: ( a) A piece which communicates to an object in a lathe the motion of the face plate; a lathe dog. ( b) A spool holder or bobbin holder in a braiding machine. ( c) A movable piece in magazine guns which transfers the cartridge to a position from which it can be thrust into the barrel.


transporter, personal transporter, bearer, pedal, common carrier, contagion, transport, delivery, escort, ident, Broadcasting House, cargo, candida, dock, consignment, clone, pillion, collision damage waiver, freighter, biosecurity, actuary, machine, CBC, bill of lading, flattop, freight, defense mechanism, cross-infection, cloning, CNN, franchise, warship, runner, crossbar, CBS, transmitter, newsboy, coaster, amphibian, assurance, motor vehicle, channel, broker, toter, immune carrier, carrier wave, pallbearer, cross, carry, letter carrier, mailman, the BBC, actuarial, fester, comprehensive, kickstand, over, handlebars, carriage, bill of entry, vector, diesel, express, chromosome, flier, mudguard, saddle, deoxyribonucleic acid, contributory, mail carrier, cross-contamination, ABC, postman, chain, crew cut, aircraft carrier, ship, antibody, cross-fertilization, adjuster, benefit, conveyance, defense, attack aircraft carrier, cross-fertilize, holder, dynamo.

Usage examples: