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Definition of decay:

  1. Cause of decay.
  2. Destruction; death.
  3. Gradual failure of health, strength, soundness, prosperity, or of any species of excellence or perfection; tendency toward dissolution or extinction; corruption; rottenness; decline; deterioration; as, the decay of the body; the decay of virtue; the decay of the Roman empire; a castle in decay.
  4. To cause to decay; to impair.
  5. To destroy.
  6. To pass gradually from a sound, prosperous, or perfect state, to one of imperfection, adversity, or dissolution; to waste away; to decline; to fail; to become weak, corrupt, or disintegrated; to rot; to perish; as, a tree decays; fortunes decay; hopes decay.


disintegration, carrion, ruin, increase, wear and tear, crumbling, rotting, rottenness, decomposition reaction, rust, annihilation, depreciation, vector decomposition, radioactive decay, declivity, thrive, retrogradation, diminution, descent, decrepitude, go to pot, taint, degeneracy, failure, spoiling, growth, tumble, impairment, disrepair, adulteration, freshness, sense, spur, better, mold, reduction, discoloration, emaciation, senescence, break up, downfall, decrepitude, failing, molder, sense, delapidate, corrupt, decompose, decomposition, putrescence, crumple, consumption, declension, breakdown, break down, ruination, decadence, extinction, crumble, declination, blight, disintegrate, downslope, decline, improvement, decrease, go bad, go to, fall, mildew.

Usage examples: