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Definition of submission:

  1. The act of yielding to power or authority; acknowledgment of inferiority or dependence; humble or suppliant behaviour; resignation.


long-suffering, resist, compliancy, concept statement, court-martial, subduedness, launching, cause, charter, tractableness, rendition, entering, forbearance, entryway, tractability, provision, pullout, class action, obligingness, document, prostration, appeasement, endurance, action, accounting entry, conformation, company report, entry, confidentiality agreement, entree, introduction, annual report, entrance, suggestion, dissent, compliance, relinquishment, fortitude, complaisance, consent form, cession, certificate, amenability, dossier, amenableness, committal, presentation, first appearance, proposition, cringing, leniency, supply, sufferance, blue book, patience, entranceway, ingress, meekness, capitulating, delivery, handover, court, calmness, allotment, composure, debut, abidance, unveiling, defeat, incoming, proposal, submitting, appeal, release, distribution, case, allocation, win, ledger entry.

Usage examples: