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Definition of cram:

  1. The information so imparted or acquired.
  2. To eat to excess.
  3. To prepare, in a limited time, for passing an examination by the stuffing in of intellectual food, whether by a tutor called acoach,” or by one's own endeavours.
  4. To press or drive in; to fill to excess; to stuff; to eat greedily.


occlude, fill, drive, devise, fig out, work up, mug up, raise, stock, jam, impede, press, ram down, legion, elevate, herd, gussy up, review, thrum, research, bury, flock, tog up, bottle, chock up, specialize, dress up, scrum, mass, host, overfill, saturate, prink, block, attire, beat, swot, trick out, stuff, jampack, embed, learn, get up, deck out, deck up, box, obstruct, bring up, read, drum, memorize, rout, bundle, crate, turn out, pack, train, tog out, close up, debone, throng, crush, ram, organize, force, pile, center, organise, grind away, devour, crowd, swot up, prepare, stand up, gorge, jam-pack, specialise, fig up, wad, study, horde, pound, bag, arise, uprise, bed, choke, swarm, drove, work, multitude, overdress, full, bone, fill up, entomb, trick up, pack in, bike, compress, load, tighten, army, eat, rise, fancy up, rig out, mob, compact, lift, machinate, grind, obturate, bone up, crash, take.

Usage examples: