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Definition of telephone:

  1. An instrument for reproducing sounds, especially articulate speech, at a distance.
  2. To convey or announce by telephone.


promise, cordless telephone, call back, private phone, surround, resound, peal, skirt, party line, the horn, remember, earpiece, holler, foretell, speakerphone, communications, words, sound, rally, radio telephone, phone, wireless telephone, earphone, send for, anticipate, call off, pay phone, telephone set, public telephone, forebode, name, local line, echo, call, think, ring, recollect, hollo, bring forward, radio, border, mouthpiece, French phone, radiophone, line, speech sound, cellular phone, headphone, get someone on the horn, call up, prognosticate, extension, reverberate, long distance, recall, environ, mobilize, telephony, bid, booth phone, knell, squall, band, yell, call in, cry, address, scream, buzz, mobilise, dial, retrieve, shout, conference phone, car phone, shout out, visit, extension phone, predict.

Usage examples: