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Definition of contribution:

  1. Anything given to a common stock; the payment of each man's share of some common expense; the act of imparting or lending aid or influence for a common purpose.


aid, division, centerfold, pension fund, supplying, function, component, section, cheesecake, the AARP, philanthropy, alms, character, byline, bond, occupational pension, parting, voice, cartoon, change, increase, supplement, subscription, service, artwork, constituent, bailout, beneficence, bankroll, classified ad, banner headline, pensioner, participation, piece, bounty, support, percentage, role, blood money, cash flow, IRA, index, office, help, persona, contributory, parcel, handout, region, appropriation, amount, assistance, announcement, augmentation, giving, pension off, article, ploughshare, pension, enrichment, portion, addition, give, plowshare, a good/bad turn, buddy system, advice column, component part, hand, budget, charity, donation, cooperation, theatrical role, share, part.

Usage examples: