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Definition of curry:

  1. Sometimes currie, a highly- spiced condiment much used throughout India; a dish flavoured with curry.
  2. To dress leather after being tanned; to rub and clean a horse with a comb.
  3. To prepare with curry; curry- powder, a powder consisting of many ingredients for making curries.


burn, belabor, plume, birch, whup, fib, train, hide, get dressed, paddle, clip, apparel, flog, braise, snip, belt, brown, khichri, whale, lop, korma, tog, pilaf, brush, pommel, coiffe, lick, dhal, bake, garnish, whop, dress, baste, raiment, habilitate, pummel, thump, punch out, paan, masala, thrash, bat, coiffure, pakora, dal, prune, batter, dress up, boil, clothe, do, whip, bung up, club, dress out, mess, thresh, coif, primp, buffet, charbroil, maul, smooth, garment, slog, neaten, pound, tromp, pelt, lambaste, crop, cut back, madras, comb, line up, lace, hammer, preen, wallop, boil down, broil, trim, tan, bash, drub, enclothe, fit out, groom, barbecue, decorate, slate, lather, switch, rough, work over, garb, bludgeon, lash.

Usage examples: