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Definition of capital:

  1. A chapter, or section, of a book.
  2. An imaginary line dividing a bastion, ravelin, or other work, into two equal parts.
  3. Anything which can be used to increase one's power or influence.
  4. Chief, in a political sense, as being the seat of the general government of a state or nation; as, Washington and Paris are capital cities.
  5. First in importance; chief; principal.
  6. Having reference to, or involving, the forfeiture of the head or life; affecting life; punishable with death; as, capital trials; capital punishment.
  7. Money, property, or stock employed in trade, manufactures, etc.; the sum invested or lent, as distinguished from the income or interest. See stock, under Capital, a.
  8. Of first rate quality; excellent; as, a capital speech or song.
  9. See letter, under Capital, a.
  10. That portion of the produce of industry, which may be directly employed either to support human beings or to assist in production.
  11. The head or uppermost member of a column, pilaster, etc. It consists generally of three parts, abacus, bell ( or vase), and necking. See these terms, and Column.
  12. The seat of government; the chief city or town in a country; a metropolis.


large, chapiter, smashing, not bad, outstanding, subsidization, first, roof, detonator, principal, serious, slap-up, seat of government, crown, hood, resource, capital of the United States, keen, ceiling, nifty, swell, cap, fund, help, detonating device, capitalization, neat, owned, heavy, bully, upper-case letter, working capital, uppercase, majuscule, groovy, finance, enceinte, main, upper case, dominant, Das Kapital, chief, big, backing, grubstake, jacket crown, with child, stake, metropolis, primary, pileus, corking, principal, funding, great, dandy, bang-up, cracking, peachy, superior, chief city, mean, crownwork, gravid, expectant, capital letter, financing, jacket.

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