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Definition of rupture:

  1. A bursting open, as of a steam boiler, in a less sudden manner than by explosion. See Explosion.
  2. Breach of peace or concord between individuals; open hostility or war between nations; interruption of friendly relations; as, the parties came to a rupture.
  3. Hernia. See Hernia.
  4. The act of breaking apart, or separating; the state of being broken asunder; as, the rupture of the skin; the rupture of a vessel or fiber; the rupture of a lutestring.
  5. To part by violence; to break; to burst; as, to rupture a blood vessel.
  6. To produce a hernia in.
  7. To suffer a breach or disruption.


geological fault, breaking, recess, tear, perforation, breakout, break down, disruption, respite, alienation, crack, assemble, bankrupt, pull, snatch, rift, cashier, fault, raid, transgress, wear out, separation, schism, lose it, prison-breaking, breakage, shoot down, disaffection, smash, rive, prisonbreak, open, severance, crush, snatch up, open frame, charge, displume, snarl, time out, falling out, bust, buck, jailbreak, click, breach, burst, rent, destroy, shiver, shift, good luck, photograph, shoot, break, hole, pluck, demolish, snap, wear, deplume, severing, help, deplumate, gap, happy chance, pause, break of serve, interruption, suspension, estrangement, faulting, intermission, fall apart, gaolbreak, flick.

Usage examples: