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Definition of translation:

  1. A transfer of meaning in a word or phrase, a metaphor; a tralation.
  2. Motion in which all the points of the moving body have at any instant the same velocity and direction of motion; - opposed to rotation.
  3. That which is obtained by translating something a version; as, a translation of the Scriptures.
  4. The act of rendering into another language; interpretation; as, the translation of idioms is difficult.
  5. The act of translating, removing, or transferring; removal; also, the state of being translated or removed; as, the translation of Enoch; the translation of a bishop.
  6. Transfer of meaning by association; association of ideas.


gloss, definition, paraphrase, shift, supplanting, displacement, metamorphosis, change, Interlingual Rendition, adaptation, version, description, reading, transubstantiation, edition, rendering, exposition, plug, transfiguration, deracination, pony, displacement reaction, conversion, transmutation, transformation, crib, key, variant, transmogrification, variation, changeover, interpreting, rewording, mutation, words, metaphrase.

Usage examples: