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Definition of crimp:

  1. In cartridge making, to fold the edge of ( a cartridge case) inward so as to close the mouth partly and confine the charge.


holdback, nobble, braid, trammel, let, squeeze out, balk, coil, kill off, embarrassment, bend, blemish, pinch, abstract, sheep pen, sheepcote, crack, blight, line, stamp out, plica, bend dexter, straighten, burn, kink, barbershop, seam, chip, vellicate, folding, crease, form, interfere with, kink up, drill, pleating, snarf, purloin, rimple, flail, chisel, squeeze, twinge, kill, cornrow, twitch, flexure, swipe, tweet, interference, faithful, lift, comb out, flexion, congregation, top, file, turn, work, frizz, cabbage, fold, suppress, bruise, smooth, crimper, roller, curve, hold back, set, plication, blow-dry, crepe, chop, cut, breakage, chip away, hair curler, manacle, comb, chain, curler, blister, pilfer, crinkle, backcomb, reshape, break, creese, crook, flock, wave, cut into, deform, twist, shackles, sneak, kris, rumple, crumple, filch, card, hook, burnout, chase, open up, frizzle, bending, shut off, curl, condition, stumbling block, crape, sheepfold, shape.

Usage examples: