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Definition of lock:

  1. A device for keeping a wheel from turning.
  2. A fastening together or interlacing; a closing of one thing upon another; a state of being fixed or immovable.
  3. A grapple in wrestling.
  4. A place from which egress is prevented, as by a lock.
  5. A tuft of hair; a flock or small quantity of wool, hay, or other like substance; a tress or ringlet of hair.
  6. An inclosure in a canal with gates at each end, used in raising or lowering boats as they pass from one level to another; - called also lift lock.
  7. Anything that fastens; specifically, a fastening, as for a door, a lid, a trunk, a drawer, and the like, in which a bolt is moved by a key so as to hold or to release the thing fastened.
  8. That part or apparatus of a firearm by which the charge is exploded; as, a matchlock, flintlock, percussion lock, etc.
  9. The barrier or works which confine the water of a stream or canal.
  10. To become fast, as by means of a lock or by interlacing; as, the door locks close.
  11. To fasten in or out, or to make secure by means of, or as with, locks; to confine, or to shut in or out -- often with up; as, to lock one's self in a room; to lock up the prisoners; to lock up one's silver; to lock intruders out of the house; to lock money into a vault; to lock a child in one's arms; to lock a secret in one's breast.
  12. To fasten with a lock, or as with a lock; to make fast; to prevent free movement of; as, to lock a door, a carriage wheel, a river, etc.
  13. To furnish with locks; also, to raise or lower ( a boat) in a lock.
  14. To link together; to clasp closely; as, to lock arms.
  15. To prevent ingress or access to, or exit from, by fastening the lock or locks of; - often with up; as, to lock or lock up, a house, jail, room, trunk. etc.
  16. To seize, as the sword arm of an antagonist, by turning the left arm around it, to disarm him.


intertwine, take, discard, dispose, spiral, rent, cast away, curlicue, toss out, affiance, coil, manoeuver, imprisoned, plight, charter, lock away, occupy, hire, run, incarcerate, put aside, pursue, in jail, cast aside, control, shut up, function, go, keep mum, lock chamber, put behind bars, barrier, interlace, close up, betroth, engage, tuck away, maneuver, roll, bunch, chuck out, prosecute, enlist, shut away, throw out, toss, curl, be quiet, engross, lease, detain, confine, ringlet, toss away, ensnarl, wage, fixture, hair, whorl, wall, ignition lock, cast out, still, quieten, twist, employ, jail, snip, device, imprison, interlock, volute, silence, belt up, junction, ringlet butterfly, lock up, operate on, confined, dummy up, lag, enmesh, connection, immure, throw away, gyre, absorb, button up, jug, padlock, put to sleep, grapple, hush up, tuck in, manoeuvre, clam up, helix, seal in, grip, enlace, remand, fling, tress, work, entwine, lock in, mesh, plait, put away, tuft, operate, bar, free, gaol, intern, hush, scroll.

Usage examples: