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Definition of recruit:

  1. A supply of anything wasted or exhausted; a reenforcement.
  2. Hence, to restore the wasted vigor of; to renew in strength or health; to reinvigorate.
  3. Specifically, a man enlisted for service in the army; a newly enlisted soldier.
  4. To gain new supplies of anything wasted; to gain health, flesh, spirits, or the like; to recuperate; as, lean cattle recruit in fresh pastures.
  5. To gain new supplies of men for military or other service; to raise or enlist new soldiers; to enlist troops.
  6. To repair by fresh supplies, as anything wasted; to remedy lack or deficiency in; as, food recruits the flesh; fresh air and exercise recruit the spirits.
  7. To supply with new men, as an army; to fill up or make up by enlistment; as, he recruited two regiments; the army was recruited for a campaign; also, to muster; to enlist; as, he recruited fifty men.


military recruit, enlisted person, enrol, restore, scratch, marine, bombardier, autograph, call forth, resurrect, nurture, arouse, abecedarian, enhance, code, raise, turn to, grow, employ, inscribe, colt, boot, enroll, commission, fire, erect, prove, grave, commando, serviceman, invoke, embark, engage, move into, newcomer, regain, rookie, academician, enlist, arriviste, apprentice, figure, parent, leaven, beginner, confirm, put up, heighten, retain, call down, cub, novitiate, impose, cypher, reanimate, enter, punk, charter member, retrieve, set up, farm, recuperate, Green Beret, GI Joe, lift, come in, go into, rook, tenderfoot, volunteer, virgin, go in, conjure up, alumnus, be cured _or_ healed, get in, insert, encipher, upgrade, cannon fodder, airwoman, branch, Johnny Raw, fledgling, appoint, trainee, greenie, GI, draftee, elicit, promote, encrypt, take on, grenadier, raw recruit, enlistee, newbie, heal, commissioner, novice, greenhorn, confederate, freshman, look to, AWOL, reach out to, come running, run to, hire, buy out, put forward, kindle, neophyte, sign on, evoke, conscription, accede, be restored, put down, record, bring up, conjure, advance, new woman, engrave, cipher, get up, call up, airman, introduce, enkindle, selectee, produce, upraise, write in code, levy, call in a favor, cure, participate, babe, foot soldier, resume, approach, soldier, cashier, rear, abecedarian, core, provoke, 4-F, stir, elevate, conscript, sailor, sign, baby, get into, kick upstairs, crew, associate, tyro, beg, repossess, infix, inductee, recover.

Usage examples: