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Definition of round:

  1. A brewer's vessel in which the fermentation is concluded, the yeast escaping through the bunghole.
  2. A circular dance.
  3. A course ending where it began; a circuit; a beat; especially, one freguently or regulary traversed; also, the act of traversing a circuit; as, a watchman's round; the rounds of the postman.
  4. A course of action or conduct performed by a number of persons in turn, or one after another, as if seated in a circle.
  5. A general discharge of firearms by a body of troops in which each soldier fires once.
  6. A series of changes or events ending where it began; a series of like events recurring in continuance; a cycle; a periodical revolution; as, the round of the seasons; a round of pleasures.
  7. A series of duties or tasks which must be performed in turn, and then repeated.
  8. A short vocal piece, resembling a catch in which three or four voices follow each other round in a species of canon in the unison.
  9. A vessel filled, as for drinking.
  10. A walk performed by a guard or an officer round the rampart of a garrison, or among sentinels, to see that the sentinels are faithful and all things safe; also, the guard or officer, with his attendants, who performs this duty; - usually in the plural.
  11. Ammunition for discharging a piece or pieces once; as, twenty rounds of ammunition were given out.
  12. An assembly; a group; a circle; as, a round of politicians.
  13. Anything round, as a circle, a globe, a ring. The golden round [ the crown].
  14. By or in a circuit; by a course longer than the direct course; back to the starting point.
  15. Circularly; in a circular form or manner; by revolving or reversing one's position; as, to turn one's head round; a wheel turns round.
  16. Complete and consistent; fair; just; - applied to conduct.
  17. From one side or party to another; as to come or turn round, - that is, to change sides or opinions.
  18. Full and smoothly expanded; not defective or abrupt; finished; polished; - said of style, or of authors with reference to their style.
  19. Full; complete; not broken; not fractional; approximately in even units, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc.; - said of numbers.
  20. Having a curved outline or form; especially, one like the arc of a circle or an ellipse, or a portion of the surface of a sphere; rotund; bulging; protuberant; not angular or pointed; as, a round arch; round hills.
  21. Having every portion of the surface or of the circumference equally distant from the center; spherical; circular; having a form approaching a spherical or a circular shape; orbicular; globular; as, a round ball.
  22. Having the form of a cylinder; cylindrical; as, the barrel of a musket is round.
  23. In circumference; as, a ball is ten inches round.
  24. Modified, as a vowel, by contraction of the lip opening, making the opening more or less round in shape; rounded; labialized; labial. See Guide to Pronunciation, 11.
  25. Not inconsiderable; large; hence, generous; free; as, a round price.
  26. On all sides; around.
  27. On every side of, so as to encompass or encircle; around; about; as, the people atood round him; to go round the city; to wind a cable round a windlass.
  28. Outspoken; plain and direct; unreserved; unqualified; not mincing; as, a round answer; a round oath.
  29. Rotation, as in office; succession.
  30. Roundly; fully; vigorously.
  31. Same as of beef, below.
  32. See Roundtop.
  33. That which goes round a whole circle or company; as, a round of applause.
  34. The step of a ladder; a rundle or rung; also, a crosspiece which joins and braces the legs of a chair.
  35. The time during which prize fighters or boxers are in actual contest without an intermission, as prescribed by their rules; a bout.
  36. Through a circle, as of friends or houses.
  37. To bring to fullness or completeness; to complete; hence, to bring to a fit conclusion.
  38. To go or turn round; to wheel about.
  39. To go round wholly or in part; to go about ( a corner or point); as, to round a corner; to round Cape Horn.
  40. To go round, as a guard.
  41. To grow round or full; hence, to attain to fullness, completeness, or perfection.
  42. To make circular, spherical, or cylindrical; to give a round or convex figure to; as, to round a silver coin; to round the edges of anything.
  43. To make full, smooth, and flowing; as, to round periods in writing.
  44. To surround; to encircle; to encompass.
  45. To whisper.
  46. Uttered or emitted with a full tone; as, a round voice; a round note.


large, close to, declamatory, fatten up, bulbous, bit, wheel, lag, get together, eke out, fatten out, beatnik, pulse, perfect, roofy, expatiate, congregate, sonorous, bike, fat, moon-round, capitate, around, inexact, round off, rophy, violate, more or less, musical rhythm, act, geometry, form, some, discoidal, trolling, enlarge, outrage, measure, rung, rope, bout, roundabout, roach, smoothen, good, call, circle, pear-shaped, complete, regular recurrence, cadence, obese, dishonour, hertz, part, rotary, assemble, oscillation, turgid, play, loop, vibrant, smooth, global, band, orbiculate, fill in, convene, speech rhythm, about, plangent, meter, forget me drug, attack, ringlike, assault, turning, cps, dress circle, encircle, staff, resonant, flatten, or so, set on, number, spoke, circular, calendar method, labialise, bulblike, convoke, routine, troll, muster, discoid, spin, lucubrate, summon, round out, ball-shaped, full, twist, shine, metre, roundish, spheric, lot, turn of events, assail, aggress, bicycle, moonlike, round of golf, sharpshoot, dilate, shape, globoid, flesh out, globular, approximately, round down, surround, zaftig, lash out, dishonor, approximate, expand, oval, straighten, whole, exposit, tear, mellow, just about, globose, near, pulsation, polish up, good turn, snipe, brush up, rhythm method, refine, gather, weighty, curl, expound, beat, environ, plump out, round of drinks, spherical, orbitual, spell, elaborate, disklike, level, refresh, rotund, pudgy, cylindrical, down, cycle, coccoid, group, fatten, cluster, bust, unit of ammunition, cumuliform, polish, stave, orbicular, finish out, nutlike, roughly, labialize, precise, make out, go, tubby, heartbeat, plump, roly-poly, whorl, rundle, coil, fine-tune, review, pad, rhythm, bombastic, cycles/second, collect, ringing, tumid, resounding, turn, entire, rough, tour, lap, circuit, whirl, orotund, rape, cycle per second, binge, plumpish, ravish, ring, traffic circle, daily round, fill out, set, one shot, chubby.

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