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Definition of synthesis:

  1. The uniting of elements to form a compound; the opposite of analysis; the putting of two or more things together to form a whole; in surg., the operation by which divided parts are reunited.


emulsion, amalgamation, action, the carbon cycle, mix, bebop, construction, entirety, bond, acid house, blend, jumble, combo, conflation, amalgam, composite, integration, aerate, mixture, subtraction, balanced equation, intermixture, tax write-off, tax deduction, concoction, organization, bhangra, separation, blues, calcify, bluegrass, cocktail, deductive reasoning, assembly, organism, unification, price reduction, union, fusion, unit, implication, behavior, background music, discount, backup, combination, admixture, adsorb, meld, hybrid, ambient, deduction, acid jazz, compound, assay, synthetic thinking, backing, whole, entailment, structure, alloy, behave.

Usage examples: