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Definition of choke:

  1. A constriction in the bore of a shotgun, case of a rocket, etc.
  2. A stoppage or irritation of the windpipe, producing the feeling of strangulation.
  3. The tied end of a cartridge.
  4. To affect with a sense of strangulation by passion or strong feeling.
  5. To be checked, as if by choking; to stick.
  6. To have the windpipe stopped; to have a spasm of the throat, caused by stoppage or irritation of the windpipe; to be strangled.
  7. To hinder or check, as growth, expansion, progress, etc.; to stifle.
  8. To make a choke, as in a cartridge, or in the bore of the barrel of a shotgun.
  9. To obstruct by filling up or clogging any passage; to block up.
  10. To render unable to breathe by filling, pressing upon, or squeezing the windpipe; to stifle; to suffocate; to strangle.


decease, scratch, exhale, get, rankle, hap, overtake, eat into, egest, die out, endure, blow over, wound, hand, exceed, get going, befoul, fuss, start, bronchial, authorise, pollute, fade, lapse, gnarl, cronk, fall, kick the bucket, murmur, fizzle, overload, go bad, deeply, conk, fit, pass away, run short, bound, crowd, limit, last, suppress, slide by, clot, excrete, live, pass out, return, overpower, hold up, back, make pass, gag, cut into, exit, bud, go out, stifle, leave, cash in one's chips, full, overstep, eat away, plump, crush, garrotte, locomote, flop, burn out, break down, stock, go by, top, burn, reach, noose, overhaul, come up, ABS, faint, operate, maculate, pall, muffle, travel by, cry out, back off, modulate, occur, pack, foul, choke down, disable, gum, support, muzzle, strangulate, languish, run out, gibbet, pass along, mutter, shout, survive, scrag, shrink, catch your breath, blend, extend, cower, grate, sink, tremble, kill, pack in, transcend, confine, stuff, blow, swoon, strangle, give-up the ghost, bottom gear, get out, brake pad, fret, saturate, suffocate, fall through, stamp out, cut, draw, close, come about, cram, garotte, slip away, guide, lead, back away, bruise, repress, die back, puff, fray, glide by, go across, heavily, buy the farm, proceed, happen, acceleration, eliminate, hold back, halter, back up, indrawn, choke coil, extinguish, chafe, expire, hyperventilate, pass on, choking coil, strain, croak, retch, clear, authorize, brake fluid, pop off, travel, become, trammel, asphyxiate, communicate, fleet, erode, pass, devolve, smother, air brake, blend in, go, put the lid on, collapse, squash, quip, depart, sound, climb, breath, turn over, go along, run, gall, breathless, bolt, put across, back down, recoil, miss, congest, fall out, retard, make it, pulmonary, snuff it, arrest, stall, breathe, kill off, go through, antilock braking system, deep, gasp, crash, function, run low, clog up, garrote, bear, break, hold out, grumble, evanesce, harden, move, inhale, throttle, pass off, hush, pass by, rifle, occlude, continue, blossom, die, squelch, alternator, drown, dampen, quench, spend, chesty, live on, bomb, give way, rise, gulp, sigh, come out, go on, shut off, belong, fall down, barricade, fight for breath, perish, go past, backfire, sit on, contaminate, founder, give, take place, lift, go away, conk out, embarrass, choke off, crack, quash, put down, squeeze out, drop dead, harm, bloom, burke, thrive, cringe, drop, legislate, defile, rub, win, quaver, injure, fill, breathe out, fail, surpass, automatic transmission, labored, become flat, choke back, interfere with, niggle, heave, work, elapse, give out, slip by, clog, quell, hold down.

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