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Definition of snuff:

  1. That which is inhaled or drawn up through the nostrils; the charred end of a wick; tobacco- leaf reduced to powder for drawing up into the nostrils.
  2. To draw in with the breath through the nose; to inhale; to perceive by the nose; to take off the burnt top of a candle; to inhale breath audibly; to draw up into the nostrils the powder of tobacco- leaf; to snift, in contempt.


extinguish, smells, off, clear, bong, snivel, neutralize, choke up, terminate, eradicate, take out, cry, cigar, briar, burst out, dissolve into, extirpate, put out, mummy-brown, whiff, blub, knock off, chukker-brown, sob, uproot, blot out, rub out, cigarette, abolish, cigarette paper, snuff-brown, howl, sniffle, croak, nose, ciggy, put away, make, obliterate, cheroot, cry/sob your heart out, quench, help, weep, erase, douse, snuffle, sniff, chromatic, continue, annihilate, get, scent, butt, root, wail, blubber, fag, smell, chew, whack, stamp out, bump off, wipe out.

Usage examples: