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Definition of station:

  1. In Australia, a sheep run or cattle run, together with the buildings belonging to it; also, the homestead and buildings belonging to such a run.


send out, berth, the BBC, farm out, bust, caste, blank space, send off, base, stop, brand, piazza, rung, headquarters, carry, dairy, Dodge City, Broadcasting House, stance, office, reach, franchise, plant, home, way station, pack off, ident, center of excellence, crate, billet, direct, ship, get off, bundle off, stratum, echelon, mail, transmitter, channel, dog tag, aim, institutionalise, office block, chancellery, beam, carriage, send, television, topographic point, mission, cow town, ranking, place, dust trap, target, detail, localise, embassy, route, generalship, crook, depot, pose, CBC, studio, anchorage, city hall, destination, service station, parachute, charge, fort, communications, CBS, installation, carrier, civic centre, seat, rate, garrison, come in, attitude, invest, lieu, plaza, level, stake, corral, broadcast, institutionalize, consulate, identify, put up, point, postal service, post, dumping ground, space, dip, terminus, mail service, assign, air, dispatch, aerie, poise, garage, commit, terminal, stead, bus shelter, military post, tier, transmit, shoes, localize, guildhall, fatigues, courthouse, complex, platform, cattle prod, cradle, ABC, CNN, quarter, radio, relocate, bus station, transport, cattle auction, headquarters, order, disaster area, ferry, come out.

Usage examples: