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Definition of aberration:

  1. A partial alienation of reason.
  2. A small periodical change of position in the stars and other heavenly bodies, due to the combined effect of the motion of light and the motion of the observer; called annual aberration, when the observer's motion is that of the earth in its orbit, and daily or diurnal aberration, when of the earth on its axis; amounting when greatest, in the former case, to 20. 4'', and in the latter, to 0. 3''. Planetary aberration is that due to the motion of light and the motion of the planet relative to the earth.
  3. The act of wandering; deviation, especially from truth or moral rectitude, from the natural state, or from a type.
  4. The passage of blood or other fluid into parts not appropriate for it.
  5. The producing of an unintended effect by the glancing of an instrument, as when a shot intended for A glances and strikes B.


aberrance, divergency, usual, wandering, delirium, unnaturalness, lapse, lunacy, craziness, mania, diversion, disturbance, unbalance, distorted shape, optical aberration, insaneness, overrefinement, straining, good, monomania, deviancy, madness, deviance, characteristic, mental illness, twisting, quirk, torture, hallucination, deformation, sane, preternaturalness, psychopathy, aberrancy, alienation, dementia, correct, frenzy, insanity, distortion, brainsickness, approach.

Usage examples: