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Definition of focus:

  1. A central point; a point of concentration.
  2. A point in which the rays of light meet, after being reflected or refrcted, and at which the image is formed; as, the focus of a lens or mirror.
  3. A point so related to a conic section and certain straight line called the directrix that the ratio of the distace between any point of the curve and the focus to the distance of the same point from the directrix is constant.
  4. To bring to a focus; to focalize; as, to focus a camera.


magnetic field, center on, bottom, camera, magnetic pole, filter, boil down, reasoning, tenseness, see, sharpen, waver, counselling, revolve about, ASA, photograph, plain, emphasis, play, shut, quick, commission, grand unified theory, forethought, digicam, revolve around, sit up and take notice, focal length, focusing, fade, focalise, concern yourself, pore, reflect, distinct, celluloid, boom, snap, point of order, point of convergence, cynosure, bathe, substance, adjust, capture, catch, reflection, counsel, steering, introspection, decoct, nexus, camcorder, concentrate, heighten, pop, edge, focalisation, accent, specific gravity, mecca, instruction, counseling, compose, epicenter, side issue, pap, manifest, come out, darkroom, management, center, concentrate on, take notice, way, cartridge, centering, axis, perceptible, concenter, nidus, hone in on, focalization, focalize, contract, contention, develop, rivet, taper, focussing, developer, screw up, reduce, expose, start, root, navel, apparent, charge, zero in on, focal point, localise, strain, visible, obvious, capital, headquarters, squeeze, tension, direction, density, show up, pay attention, consideration, listen, centralise, item, open, condense, bend, central, soul-searching, thought, stress, guidance, concentre, centre, center of attention, identifiable, aperture, sticking point, nerve center, seat, blow up, noticeable, focus on, locus, point, turn to, ground zero, sidelight, blink, flood, starting point, digest, base, assessment, omphalos, eye, localize, fix.

Usage examples: