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Definition of fracture:

  1. The act of breaking or snapping asunder; rupture; breach.
  2. The breaking of a bone.
  3. The texture of a freshly broken surface; as, a compact fracture; an even, hackly, or conchoidal fracture.
  4. To cause a fracture or fractures in; to break; to burst asunder; to crack; to separate the continuous parts of; as, to fracture a bone; to fracture the skull.


breakout, split up, tornado, kick downstairs, switching, discontinue, transgress, part, fling, happy chance, go, work shift, break down, fall apart, discover, infract, ruin, chemise, cashier, open frame, severance, fault, crevice, give way, scissure, develop, offend, bump, disruption, splinter, transmutation, falling out, duty period, reveal, break out, breaking, rend, expose, give out, interrupt, dampen, let on, offer, geological fault, breach, come apart, sally, pause, go against, time out, quip, violate, damp, disseverment, break, give, cave in, shiver, unwrap, intermission, weaken, separate, transformation, good luck, divulge, get around, sever, jailbreak, let out, split, bring out, snap off, give away, sunder, break in, disclose, destroy, conk out, teddy, bankrupt, dislocation, rive, crush, crack cocaine, snap, help, wound, break off, breakage, recess, demerit, slip, chap, demolish, suspension, erupt, whirl, shifting, break away, gaolbreak, founder, smash, burst, cranny, prisonbreak, relegate, crack, wear, intermit, respite, bust, cleavage, fail, get out, wear out, shift key, switch, disjunction, go bad, soften, wisecrack, fall in, better, break up, pass, faulting, shift, collapse, shimmy, mistake, demote, shot, break dance, gap, cracking, error, interruption, die, sack, fissure, break of serve, recrudesce, cleft, stop, displacement, prison-breaking.

Usage examples: