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Definition of litter:

  1. A bed or stretcher so arranged that a person, esp. a sick or wounded person, may be easily carried in or upon it.
  2. Disorder or untidiness resulting from scattered rubbish, or from thongs lying about uncared for; as, a room in a state of litter.
  3. Straw, hay, etc., scattered on a floor, as bedding for animals to rest on; also, a covering of straw for plants.
  4. The young brought forth at one time, by a sow or other multiparous animal, taken collectively. Also Fig.
  5. Things lying scattered about in a manner indicating slovenliness; scattered rubbish.
  6. To be supplied with litter as bedding; to sleep or make one's bed in litter.
  7. To give birth to; to bear; - said of brutes, esp. those which produce more than one at a birth, and also of human beings, in abhorrence or contempt.
  8. To produce a litter.
  9. To put into a confused or disordered condition; to strew with scattered articles; as, to litter a room.
  10. To supply with litter, as cattle; to cover with litter, as the floor of a stall.


hatch, bedclothes, bedding material, swarm, jumble, hodgepodge, kin, rash, brood, lot, scattering, young, bed clothing, bedding, offspring.

Usage examples: