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Definition of pop:

  1. Unexpectedly.


turn out, fashionable, take off, pappa, custodial parent, 190 number, in, begin, deafen, explosion, put down, baste, acid house, start up, dadaism, adjust, classical, show up, crowd-pleasing, toss off, conk, bust, protoactinium, fling off, balance, out, scratch off, favorite, see, strike, set about, down, load, garbage down, call, wipe out, voguish, boil, acclaimed, hot, start, cover, harmonic, gobble up, fire, catch, come forward, aim, atomic number 91, soda water, blues, auditory, paste, funky, settle, dose, popularized, dispense, bleep, crack, obliterate, project, background music, plop, push down, drug, vote down, brew, buttermilk, break through, squeeze, discharge, thump, bebop, 411, defeat, demographic, bag, knock, kill, take up, surface, swat, cochlea, brown, papa, get going, clap, pour down, knock down, appear, administration, ambient, blow, set out, noise, beat up, bulk, bluegrass, 0, du jour, aural, stamp out, clack, step to the fore, clank, issue, faddy, carbonated water, bludgeon, discordant, burst, startle, go forth, burn, bulge, originate, charbroil, clout, set, shut, sock, blare, skin pop, quinine water, turn up, deaf, shoot down, the country, fatherhood, put, belt, bulge out, part, bhangra, ear, bolt down, red-hot, stun, step up, attack, come out of the closet, slog, viral, soda pop, democratic, backing, set off, smash, administer, happening, fall out, nonclassical, fly, peep, run in, drug up, report, slug, look in, screw up, wham, flat, caterwaul, sparkling water, jut, visit, keynote, egress, dart, eugenics, get, consume, beat, focus, faddish, wallop, people, crop up, drop in, chocolate, inhabited, outpace, let off, audio-, open up, pater, place, speed, fight, go through, push through, initiate, acoustic, fine-tune, 900 number, sodium carbonate, thwack, snap, deaf mute, jump, vote out, explode, drink down, 911, refine, creaking, come on, cappuccino, boil down, bass, pascal, fire off, emerge, daddy, braise, bake, deaf-and-dumb, blink, large, restorative, jut out, popular, come to the fore, devour, birth parent, soda, start out, give, 800 number, club soda, gallop, hit, cider, knock off, open, bitters, clip, broil, burst out, chai, bash, bang, get down, drop by, americano, shot, blast, dad, backup, beep, dada, pop music, 999, pull down, father, batter, dope, smack, clink, 1471, empty nester, slam, popping, belt down, harmonious, come over, sal soda, land, cut down, pop up, washing soda, baby boom, bop, tonic, clang, protactinium, big, polish, well-received, bark, birth father, tonic water, charge, stick out, come off, commence, Pa, vogue, top-rated, smite, lead off, acid jazz, dash off, whop, much loved/respected/admired/criticized etc., 0800 number, depart, modish, public address system, atonal, overpopulated, pouch, surge, auditory nerve, come in, come by, look up, seltzer, erupt, boom, pay a visit, protrude, creak, shovel in, position, cock, go, whack, pop out, demographics, 1800 number, birth rate, lay, bug out, come forth, go on, soda ash, hasten, be quick on your feet, birth mother, embark on, bluesy, come out, set forth, angostura, click, deadbeat dad, clash, step forward, race, barbecue, pile, biff.

Usage examples: