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Definition of stake:

  1. A territorial division; - called also stake of Zion.


guess, position, run a risk, wager, embark, ante, mail service, involvement, impale, endorse, back up, interest group, help, claim, plunk for, subsidization, money, billet, military post, transfix, put up, backing, indorse, game, risk, gambling, jeopardise, postal service, second, gamble, situation, take chances, sake, take a chance, capital, title, pale, brand, stick, berth, place, venture, pursuit, grubstake, jeopardize, plump for, threaten, pastime, station, funding, post, bet, chance, capitalization, interestingness, endanger, pole, bet on, menace, gage, hazard, support, peril, interest, pot, send, back, spike, punt, imperil, pretend, stakes, carry, office, mail, financing, empale, adventure, spot, paling.

Usage examples: