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Definition of tag:

  1. A child's play in which one runs after and touches another, and then runs away to avoid being touched.
  2. A metallic binding, tube, or point, at the end of a string, or lace, to stiffen it.
  3. A sale of usually used items ( such as furniture, clothing, household items or bric- a- brac), conducted by one or a small group of individuals, at a location which is not a normal retail establishment.
  4. A sheep of the first year.
  5. Any slight appendage, as to an article of dress; something slight hanging loosely; specifically, a direction card, or label.
  6. Something mean and paltry; the rabble.
  7. The end, or catchword, of an actor's speech; cue.
  8. To fit with, or as with, a tag or tags.
  9. To follow closely after; esp., to follow and touch in the game of tag. See Tag, a play.
  10. To follow closely, as it were an appendage; - often with after; as, to tag after a person.
  11. To join; to fasten; to attach.


quest after, appellative, bob, trifle, commemorate, stigmatise, drag, train, leavings, track, set, stub, discard, denomination, chamfer, shack, judge, whit, junk, dog, smidgeon, cross, traverse, strike out, furrow, cross out, scintilla, trademark, mark, tail, sheet, MARKS, hang back, grade, tally, words, label, nock, pronounce, check, drop behind, tabloid, score, inscription, slip, punctuate, go after, remains, chamfer, shred, slate, ragtime, handle, rag week, snip, get over, waste, button, differentiate, smidgen, cloth, refuse, card, trail, iota, smidgin, rag, scrap, strike off, quest for, motto, pass over, cross off, patch, tab, fragment, mark off, remainder, tittle, style, cover, tatter, cognomen, smidge, voucher, game, specific, give chase, get across, chip, get behind, piece, tag end, chase, nickname, denounce, remnant, dock, check off, stigmatize, drop back, just the ticket, cut across, tick off, notice, chase after, tick, scar, distinguish, pit, pock, snatch, pursue, cut through.

Usage examples: