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Definition of stoop:

  1. To degrade.


yield, accede, flex, burrow, biretta, altar, alleyway, stoep, piazza, cower, over, bias, sprawl, alley, chirp, head first, deflect, caw, curve, vouchsafe, car park, cheep, patronise, deform, turn, mold, arch, commit, bow, cloister, defer, submit, cross, scrunch, gallery, hunker down, chatter, campus, give in, crucifix, hunch, crook, balance, rise, double over, slant, backyard, fetal position, go/run off the rails, cry, deign, not scruple to do something, dog collar, warp, transgress, scrunch up, Midland, headlong, close, crane, lower, arcade, squat, lower oneself, condescend, extended, beat, posture, collection plate, descend, perpetrate, sink, stoup, diverge, bow down, lean, outstretched, collar, Easter egg, veranda, influence, alight, bestride, twist, turn away, sell out, lanai, outspread, back, flap, incline, twine, blind alley, persuade, cassock, chalice, crouch, slouch, deviate, brood, resort to, hump, coo, bend, patronize, hunker, compromise yourself/your position.

Usage examples: