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Definition of staple:

  1. A hook or loop of iron; an iron loop stuck into the door- post in order to hold the bolt of the lock.
  2. A market or emporium; the merchandise brought to be sold; the principal commodities or productions of a country or district; original material; raw material; main element.
  3. Settled; established in commerce.


blotter, mass, business card, chief, card, heft, concern, feature, staple fibre, bulk, carbohydrate, essential, basic, correction fluid, burning issue/question, brunt, screw, compulsory, acetate, fasten, fix, connect, raw material, main, basis, obligatory, attach, essence, vital, carbon paper, clipboard, priority, join, carbon, without fail, dairy, weight, secure, key, necessary, of necessity, generality, base, principal, core, baby food, confectionery, creole, staple fiber, indispensable, comfort food, aphrodisiac, blotting paper, convenience food, at all costs.

Usage examples: