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Definition of sponge:

  1. A well- known porous substance much used for domestic purposes, being the skeleton of marine protozoa; a soft sponge- like substance for cleaning and wiping, & c.; one who pertinaciously lives upon others; bakers dough before it is finally kneaded and shaped to be baked into bread.
  2. To wipe or cleanse with a sponge; to wipe out completely; to imbibe or suck in; to gain by mean arts; to harass by extortion.


cuttlefish, poriferan, cleaner, bathe, souse, bum around, brush, shnorr, carpet sweeper, loll around, dishwasher, borrow, octopus, parazoan, bloodsucker, grub, scrounge, soak, scour, dolphin, vulture, free rider, bubble bath, freeload, lounge around, miser, rinse, feather duster, man-of-war, schnorr, hirudinean, scrub, dust, skinflint, frig around, plankton, freeloader, waste one's time, leech, cadge, drunk, douche, lounge about, dependence, wash, bath, moocher, purify, clean up, boozehound, arse around, B.O., tightwad, broom, hanger-on, sot, lush, mop, kitchen paper, delouse, taker, buffer, rummy, cleanse, lave, humpback whale, coral, wipe, stiff, Hoover, loll, conger eel, humpback, cheapskate, drunkard, deadbeat, jellyfish, disinfect, loaf, quick study, ablutions, sponger, sweep, bum, clean, boozer, inebriate, bum about, mooch, parasite, arse about, tippler, Drugs, Brillo pad, body odor.

  • clean (part of speech: adjective)

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